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I have trouble sympathizing with a condition when that condition causes me pain and absolves him from responsibility. Agree TOGETHER that we should decorate the living room? What’s the point there's only him and me that sees it. Worked all next day,again stopped at hospital on way home. Next day he went off on 3 day business trip, i laid in bed and cried, all alone. He has no affection for him, treats him either like a playmate or emotional punching bag.Aspies can inflict pain and then simply walk away from you with no accountability to the damage they've caused. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be married to a ' normal ' guy. I listen all the time to 'his stuff' but anything I say is interrupted or ignored. They claim they have empathy but they have no understanding of the profound consequences of emotion. He had high level job in Manhattan, company gave him big promotion. When bank about to reposess house he took off to Wisconsin leaving me and our son to discover our home was no longer ours. Husband began coming to visit, then showed up demanding to move in.Now there's no excuse for not signing up and finding horny contacts in your area!

I suppose the diagnosis has offered some context and insight into why I have endured decades of loneliness, passive aggression, and emotional coldness that has left me depressed and bitter.

For financial reasons, divorce isn't an option at the moment.

My husband is intelligent and quite gentle, but he has also been deceptive, a relentless "right fighter", utterly incapable of empathy, completely friendless, clueless about my emotional needs, and a cheater.

What does an NT wife do with an Aspie who inflicts unbearable emotional pain through his infidelity and then has no idea how to repair the damage he created?

The "empathy deficit" certainly comes in handy for him, and this is what I resent the most. (Firstly, need to have friends.) Go to a party that someone that doesn’t know us very well has invited us to? Now, I really don't care if it ever gets decorated.

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