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1987 dating video youtube

They then take a meandering, random journey around a park in Century City, which appears to have been remodeled since this video came out.

It is as nondescript a location as you can possibly find in a music video, but maybe that helps us learn that strutting can be done anywhere.

Jackie Aina is one of the successful You Tubers and cosmetologist.

Once Aina expressed how people of color are poorly represented and ignored in the beauty industry and often criticized for makeup shade ranges for not being inclusive.

After a year, Sigma Beauty launches a set of five brushes designed by Aina.

Aina expressed her opinion with cosmetics brand Too Faced for not featuring enough shades, later Too Faced collaborated with her to expand the shade range of its Born This Way Foundation.

As we mentioned earlier, her folks were never really the fan of her career choice but Jackie she did not listen to anyone and just followed her heart.

She once said: Jackie first started her journey as a makeup artist by practicing on herself which led to practicing on other family members and friends.

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