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At this stage you need to be aware of the cultural respect and moral code expected in dating your new potential partner please read our “Dating Tab” in the home page prior to you arriving in Thailand and again we will advice you in discussion prior to meeting your chosen selections in respect of conduct and morals expected.

Thailand is no different to any other country in having a capital city where you may find more liberal views of morals and living standards.

On your arrival you will have to look for a another taxi. and you know that at the airport taxi is VERY expensive. Here are all the answers, and also general information about Ukraine and very interesting travel tips that will help to make your trip really successful.And it will definitely correspond to the one you've seen on photos and in descriptions.You will have to plan your meetings, transportation and places for dates independently.Due to incorrect planning, you can fail to meet the lady as your visit can be unexpected for her and thus she may not have enough of free time to spend with you... If you have already made up your mind to get one of our trips, please fill out the special form.

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Whatever your needs to make your time magical we are always at hand and available to help and support you both.