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Ail tlie brethren tliroughoiit the province, who can make it convenient to attend at the ceremony, are hereby particuhirly re(inested to meet at the lodge room, in Mr. The fraternity of free and accepted masons are liereby informed that, on Saturdiiy next, the foundation stone of the masonic liall, in this city, will be laid inform.

In the prosecution of this work, undertaken as a labor of love and to fill up an occasional hour not devoted to official duty (I did not intend X INTRODUCTION. That it is the opinion of the conunittee that the most advisable plan for rais- ing the sum reijuired will be to invest it in a joint stock concern, to consist of eighty shares at twenty-five pounds each share. That, provided subscriptions sufficient be obtained to carry these resolutions into effect, any person not paying the amount of his subscrip- tion in one month after either of the said days of payment, the amount he may have paid shall be forfeited. That the building contemplated to be erected thereon will, in the estimation of the committee, cost about two thousand pounds. That all sub- scribers pay into the hands of persons hereafter to be appointed by the stockholders the sum of five pounds in part payment of each share the first day of May next; the sum often pounds on the first day of Septem- ber; and the remaining sum of ten pounds on the first day of January following. That it is the opinion of the committee that every lodge of master masons, say St. " The foregoing report being read, it was resolved that the said report be received, and that a committee of three persons be apjminted to receive subscriptions for shares, and that Nehemiah Merritt, Es(|., Mr. " William Taylor, Secretary to the meeting." " Persons wishing to subscribe will apply to Messrs. Iloiulricks, Peters and Taylor, advertised in the Courier of July 24th " for tenders for excavat- ing the cellar of the building according to plan and specification to be seen at the store of Bro. Together with a number of other brethren, some of whom were appointed to the following offices, viz. That each share be made transferrable ; and should more money be re(iuired than the above mentioned sum, that the number of shares be increased. 38, or any other that may hereafter occupy the said hall, shall pay the sum of twenty pounds each as rent annually; and that the sum of ten pounds be paid annually by each royal arch chapter holding communications within the same.' " The report was signed by Nehemiah Merritt, chairman, Robert Robertson and William Durant on behalf of St. Peters, John Currie and James Hendricks on behalf of Union Lodge. That the proceedings of this meeting be published in the different public prints in this city.

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John's " has been continued without change or variation ; and, in like manner, there has been no alteration in the time of holding the regular communications, i. The many serious fires by which large portions of the city of Saint John were, from time to time, laid waste, destroyed large accumulations of books and documents, public and private, of great value for his- toric and other purposes.

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