Advice when dating a indian man

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Indian men can tend to be really lazy (no offences) even if they have to woo a woman.Most rich men, let their cars, bikes and geeky gadgets to all the talking than take some real efforts to make a good impression on lady love. Unlike what is shown in movies or TV advertisements, sensible women do not fall for bikes stunts and car racing gimmicks.Lending a helping hand to your partner in his activities is fine. Always remember that your partner is not a spoon feeding baby but an adult capable of doing things on his own.Doing something special is a good way to get into his good books. A candle-lit dinner with one of his favorite dishes could be an excellent idea only if he hasn’t started to imagine you also feeding his family, friends, co workers, a whole bunch of relatives and the cows and goats at his back yard!!The true value of a man cannot be recognized until he casts off all vain ornamentation. A decade ago, ‘compatibility of the looks’ was important to couples and was judged on the basis of physical attributes such as height, weight or even skin color.Sharply discern what he is and what he has when he is completely unadorned. But now both men and women look at a wide range of other aspects of their partner’s personalities.‘Compatibility of interests’ is of great significance if you want to take the relationship to the next level.

Gone are those days where society, especially the elder population, would make a huge fuss about spotting a non married couple together in public.India has been a global destination for spiritual enlightenment besides tourism and trade.For a country that has been deep rooted in its traditional and religious values, dating is definitely an out-of-the-box concept.According to statistics, the Indian man, the spoilt mama’s boy, spends only 19 minutes (on an average per day) for unpaid routine housework.It wouldn’t be surprising to see a woman doing all the cleaning and washing at her partners place just to fit into his frame of an ideal partner.

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The first love is always special and so is the first date.

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