Am still single dating advice C2c video webcam

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You look a hot mess the majority of the time [ ] 20. You have no dreams, aspirations, no desire for sucess [ ] 19. You make too much money, ladies more than him [ ] 22. You don’t cook, clean, help around the house or offer to help, ever! You are unappreciative, don’t say thank you [ ] 42. You cannot decide ever where you want to eat or on anything in general [ ] 41.

I did it by letting go of the pressure and expectations and accepting my life as it was.

As soon as I made peace with being single forever, I met my husband." —Treva B., 53"I’m a single woman looking for love, and I’m hopeful.

I tell myself that my partner is being shaped and molded for me as I am for him.

You lie, cheat, manipulate a situation if you have to just to get your way.

You are not transparent with your whereabouts [ ] 13. You never say no because you are a push over, guys like a little bit of sass and girls like a guy with some oomph [ ] 15.

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You are too attached, don’t give ANY breathing room [ ] 26. You are an entrepreneur, at least you claim to be with no real business in site aka you refuse to work [ ] 30. Let me know if you would add anything else to this list!!