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The name "dinosaur" may be a reference to the book Dinosaur Alphabet, by Harry S.

Robins, notable voice actor for the Half-Life series, emphasized by the fact that there are 26 main sounds, which is also the total number of the alphabet letters, or a reference to the "dinosauric" (archaic) nature of the technology used (the Morse code and SSTV technologies) compared to today's standards.

When the update was applied, many players launched Portal to see what it was about, and slowly discovered how it consisted in-game, then soon began to investigate the radio sound files on the Steam forums, which led to many intriguing finds.

The error/warning messages and resource names of a resource were always identical each time it was checked by someone.

It consisted of an additional Achievement, "Transmission Received". Instead of relying on the BBS and the original Portal, this new ARG relied on several indie games, found on Steam as the pack The Potato Sack and all getting an update for the occasion, and where potatoes were to be collected to reboot GLa DOS, among other things. "Aperture Science Cooperative Testing Initiative" and "Cooperative Portal Testing Initiative" are probably the same thing, and its trial phase ("Cooperative Trial", or the ARG itself) probably refers to the collective effort of the fanbase at solving the puzzles presented in the ARG, being itself a co-op game. The "Aperture Science Cooperative Testing Initiative" is apparently part of the co-op gameplay that will be featured in Portal 2, as Portal 2 itself is called "Cooperative Portal Testing Initiative" in the "Portal is Free" video promoting Portal being free from May 12 to May 24, 2010. The message in that second BSOD was headed by Gla DOS' name, followed by a seemingly standard "fatal exception" message. Following the fake crash, he joked by saying "That's what I get for working at Microsoft", then simply thanked everybody and his wife, and finally added "Good luck figuring it out" before leaving.

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Playing Portal reveals the game now has a total of 26 radios (including the ones already present before the update) playing in the Test Chambers, always in an area more or less difficult to reach (but given to the player by the music playing), and with a red sprite added to the switch. On April 19, 2011, Portal 2 was released, ending the second ARG, and answering many questions revealed in both ARGs, as text or images.

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