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Over 300 properties and methods apply to Application but here are the mot important ones.Hello experts i have this macro (which calls macros in other workbooks) and the Application. I thought you meant the message was appearing onscreen, not that it was appearing in the list of items.

However it seems to work for every macro, other than Acc Import which is the main macro that I do not want my user to be aware of. Call en VBA nos permite ejecutar una macro desde otra macro, es decir invocar la macro desde otro procedimiento (Sub o Function) como si fuera un procedimiento cualquiera.Al utilizar Call para llamar a tal procedimiento requerirá que los argumentos estén encerrados en paréntesis, si este procedimiento no tuviera argumentos no se colocaran. Screen Updating = True End Sub Sub Acc Import() 'Application. Transfer Spreadsheet _ Transfer Type:=ac Import, _ Spread Sheet Type:=ac Spreadsheet Type Excel12Xml, _ Table Name:="Table1", _ Filename:=Application. Full Name, _ Has Field Names:=True, _ Range:="Data1$A1: BL40000" Acc. There is a word that you can use with Application that will neutralise all the alerts that Excel can send your way.

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Controls Select Case Type Name(onecontrol) Case "Combo Box" onecontrol.