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Atraf dating israel

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Now in its 21st year, the 2019 parade is being held on Friday 14 June, although Pride Week stretches from Sunday 9 June to Saturday 15 June.

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) for a festival of unabashed, Levantine-flavored sexual rebellion.

If you can brave the notoriously unforgiving summer weather and throngs of sweat-laden half-naked bodies, or manage to find a shady balcony lining the route, this mass pilgrimage is not to be missed. Beach bums: The Ganges of Tel Avivian hedonism In the religion of many Israelis, gay and straight the same, the Mediterranean Sea is the holy of holies – an outdoorsy, uber-informal culture that venerates feeling and looking good. ) positioned opposite Tel Aviv’s gender segregated religious beach, and easily identifiable by its rainbow umbrellas, is an open-air butchery, packed with gays (straights welcome too!

) swimming, sunbathing, exercising, beach batting and old fashioned six-pack-seeing. Go off the clothed track to Ga’ash Beach, about half an hour drive north of Tel Aviv.

Before them is a feast of dedicated venues spread liberally throughout the city core, though there's no particular ‘gayborhood’ – giving the city a queerer feel numerically than it actually has: 1.

An incomplete guide to the Pink City’s throbbing queer nightlife Like your men stocky, sinewy and/or hairy?

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Considered the gay-friendliest country in the Middle East, Israel offers LGBT tourists a smorgasbord of experiences.

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