Badwap chat dating a widow with young children too soon

Posted by / 03-Mar-2020 08:20

Badwap chat

I was intensely concentrating on the work, as my mind was really drifting and getting lost in the thoughts of meeting her.

She came somewhere around half past 8 and my heart was pounding and weighing heavily ‘cos I was meeting a dear friend for the first time, whom I have seen only online and spoke only over the phone and chat.

Her face and lips were glowing in the spot lights of the room and I was losing myself looking at her.

We sat and started chatting for some time and she was sitting opposite to me in the couch, crossing her legs and revealing the cleavage as her blouse couldn’t hold those awesome assets and the sari going around her waist revealing a good portion of her smooth stomach.She was running through the channel and it took me a patient 20 min to finish my job and free myself.Once I had finished my job, I got up from the table and grabbed a can of coke and sat next to her on the bed near her legs.In the meanwhile I asked her to keep herself comfortable anywhere in the room.She started looking at all the arrangements in the room and was walking inside the room and came behind my chair and leaned on me from behind, to see what I was doing.

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She was just adorable in her dress and seeing her I was lost and couldn’t even greet her properly.