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Beautiful people dating site members

Whether someone has a few more gray hairs or doesn’t exactly look like Leonardo Di Caprio like they let on, Beautiful People has a profile verification process to combat misrepresentation.

Users can either chat with a site administrator or email the team a picture in real-time of them holding a piece of paper with their username on it to prove their photo hasn’t been doctored.

With Beautiful, the largest community of exclusively attractive people in the world, that concern goes away because beauty is in the eye of the voter.

A dating site where current members vote in new members based on their appearance and basic profile information, Beautiful People makes sure users only see men and women who they may find attractive.

“It’s based on a fundamental principle of human nature — and that is we all, at least initially, want to be with someone who we find attractive,” said Greg Hodge, Managing Director of Beautiful People.

“You don’t walk into a bar or club and look across the bar and say ‘look at that beautiful man’s or that beautiful woman’s spirit’. Beautiful People has seen tremendous success ever since, accepting more than 850,000 users, becoming available in over 150 countries around the world, and turning away more than 10 million singles based on member votes.

Online dating has become more and more popular as we have all the tech in the world at our finger tips but it’s also got a reputation for being somewhat risky.

Now, dating site Beautiful People has decided to take it upon themselves to make sure people look like their pictures in real life.

Whether he’s a few inches shorter or she’s curvier than what you like, it’s hard to form a long-lasting relationship if the initial physical chemistry just isn’t there.

Then, over a 48-hour period, they’re voted on by existing members of the opposite sex.

“It is based primarily on attraction, but once you uncover the character behind the beautiful members with their profiles, then they become more beautiful or less so,” Greg said.

For example, British women on Beautiful People tend to vote for men who are more rough around the edges, while American women like men who are more polished.

Japanese men are drawn toward the girl-next-door look, but American men like women who are more racy.

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“Wouldn’t you rather be on a site where everyone is attractive?