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Bedroom live cam online

Even though the website states that it is trying to emphasize on an important security issue, it is clearly profiting from advertisements as well.

"Sometimes administrator (possible you too) forgets to change default password like 'admin:admin' or 'admin:12345' on security surveillance system, online camera or DVR.

This way none of the cameras on Insecam invade anybody's private life.

- Any private or unethical camera will be removed immediately upon e-mail complaint.

Despite what the website's alleged motives are, it is still probably doing more harm than good.

This website exposes the private lives of people without their permission which is a clear violation of privacy laws, as a US lawyer tells Motherboard, "It is a stunningly clear violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA)." Matthew Green, assistant research professor at the Department of Computer Science at John Hopkins University further emphasized on the gravity of the situation saying that: Despite the website creator's unclear motives by allowing anyone to stream from CCTVs, Panasonic cameras, Hikvision and AVTech DVRs, the website is still up and running with the identity of the creator currently unknown, the domain is registered with Go Daddy with a IP address linked to Moscow.

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One mom got the scare of her life when she found a livestream from her daughters’ nanny cam online.

A friend had let the mom—identified here only as Jennifer—know that she’d seen a picture of the her daughters’ room on a Houston mothers’ group.

Mozilla Firefox browser is recommended to watch network cameras.

The following actions were made to Insecam for the protection of individual privacy: - Only filtered cameras are available now.

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The world biggest directory of online surveillance security cameras.

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  1. The website highlights excellent security and privacy protocols with a zero tolerance policy for fake user accounts and accounts that demand sex, an easy-to-use and responsive website design which makes the general user experience a positive one, and it is available worldwide.