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It wouldn't have been I'm so thankful that it didn't work I would ride probably going to shoot myself if I was running light outside a channel I mean there's something genius about and something really Services what happened with all the people who threw including you put who put money into it unfortunately we all lost her money it was really hard and I was pretty depressed for a while I had to let go everyone it was it was challenging so when that all kind of collapsedwhat did you decide to just cook you forget what you said you'd asked so far as been like there's been no connection from one business to another it's literally been me following kind of my curiosity's and the serendipitous conversations and experiences I have and so the next business was totally that way I was actually at a barbecue as we were kind of closing down the reality Channel and one of the people that work for me they had a son that was 15 years old and he was there and I was asking him what he was doing that summer you making small talk and waiting for burger or something and he told me he was doing driver's ed and I said all that's got to be so exciting I mean learn to drive and he responded like totally in an uninspiring way I mean he just said like yeah it's okay you know I go thisplease send the teacher boring and I pretty much sleep to the class and first off this is not good our future drivers in LA or sleeping through their driver's ed class that doesn't make me feel good.

Getting on the highway in the second thing is like I mean getting your license should be like this amazing experience for 15 year old in and there's got to be a better way to engage them yeah and I just thought guys like all these teenagers are starting to be online more and more you know maybe there's a way to 10 to take this driver's ed instruction and learning into the technology that teenagers are embracing out though so I had this idea to just kind of start a new type of driver's ed company we would do all the instruction online you'd have to pass things in a sequential manner so you can really make sure that they're learning and they're paying attention like it couldn't just like cramp for the final test they would have to be to get to Stage is almost like a video game and I recognized itone of the ways to get them to pay attention and be more excited about the actual learning to drive was to have driver's ed teachers that were going to hold teenagers attention and the best way I could figure out to do that was I hired only models and actors actresses hire like Attractive people as the super attractive people that teenage boys and girls of be like near totally idolizing and I knew that would spread fast on the internet there's a lot of people in La that are you know that need part time work need flexible schedules it between auditions and they're trying to make it and I was really lucky I found some guys that were already in the business of online traffic school in driver's ed and they kind of really knew the business and we ended up being partners and I was a 33% partner in the new company that we formed together with these two other guys how did you get to work out about it once againmail flyers in all of the old flyer so fly her sit at high schools you know lots of that lots of you no targeting on my space but it grew really quickly just to clarify to listeners we are going to get to the good that you did in the world we will get to that we will get to that so it so you you got this Sports business the driver side business is going really well and I mean could you have just continue to do this car thing forever and ever or did you think that that was going to be the rest of your lifehey everyone just a quick thanks to one of our sponsors who helps make this podcast possible Lexus the Lexus ux is a compact crossover design with City traffic in mind hears infrastructure historian Henry Petroski on an important moment in traffic regulation the emergence of stop lights not a hundred years ago almost through the year famous traffic light installation were made in New York City on 5th Avenue and these traffic lights were put up on towers that were sitting in the middle of the street it but of course you can see immediately that okay it might help regulate traffic but it blocks traffic at the same time because the tower has to sit on the road they moved lights over onto the curb and they introduce the red in the green and it was just a tool light system in that system stayed in place work quite a while as do most of these things these things evolve they don't come fully formed inspired by modern cities and architecture the size8 and one more thing before we get back to the show if you ever listen to the end of the show the credit you probably recognize the names run teen Arab Louis and run.

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He was also named on Fortune’s “40 under 40” list, recognizing him as one of the top young businessmen in the world.

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