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Bret and fretzie dating

The one striking difference of the two houses is that, the Apartment don't have any beds.The two supposed bedrooms were empty with traditional woven sleeping mats called "Banig".Interpreteens The housemates would try to interpret songs that would be assigned to them.The Philippine housemates were assigned the song "Magic" by One Way while the foreigners were given "Butse Kik" by Yoyoy Villame.Like the previous edition, Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up, the third Teen season also used two houses, both are summer vacation-themed with beach murals, hammocks, and other amenities.Just like the past season, the two houses were also connected through the shared Confession Room and a Storage Room.The performance should last the entire duration of "Kabataang Pinoy." The House should call Big Brother to check on their performance.

On Day 23, a new group of housemates called "Teenternationals" inhabited the Apartment for a while, until they were merged in to Villa on Day 39.

A total of around 50,000 auditioned, from which 16 were chosen to enter the house on Day 1.

A total of 27 housemates have entered the House, including the replacement housemate that entered on Day 20 and 10 foreign teens that entered on Day 22.

They had six hours everyday to practice for the performance.

The Big Goal Concert Hold a concert in which the earned money will be given to the soccer/football team of the Philippines in order to enter for the Homeless World Cup being held in Brazil.

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It began airing on the night of April 10, 2010 (PHT) and ended over two months later on June 26 of the same year.

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