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The couple enjoyed a glorious ceremony in New York that lasted the entire weekend in 2013.They had met five years before, but George couldn’t resist and had to walk his love down the aisle.Larry is in the top five wealthiest people in the U. as he is the head of Oracle Corporation, but unfortunately, he has been divorced four times.Settling on wife number five, Larry fell head over heels for Ukrainian Nikita Kahn who works as a model.Kristy was previously a model for a famous clothing company, as well as a national sporting magazine.The former model is now a happy mother, as well as enjoying the high life with her new bank account.

Sadly, after a few months with a ring on her finger, the couple split up in 2016.

Kate is able to live a life of her own as she works with Campinteractive, an organization that helps children learn technological skills.

The surname alone is enough to give away who this businesswoman married.

Even though Larry has enough to keep them both afloat for at least a few years, Lucy still studies towards her doctorate at university.

This is all in between enjoying married life alongside raising the two children they have together.

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While sitting on a Caribbean beach on a private island, sipping on some coconut juice while being fanned, may sound like the high life, unfortunately, for now, it seems we may just have to spend our time hearing how the other half get to live their extravagant lives.

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