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And again, we should stress that owing to the sheer size of the game, our testing was limited to areas where we had existing data.

Although it doesn't appear to have anything like the same problem, we also tested the Play Station 4 version of the game running from solid state storage.

There's a very small ironing out of performance, but nothing to write home about and that makes sense as storage bottlenecks on the stock drive appear minimal.

Of course, loading times are improved with the move to faster drives and that's a situation common to both consoles.

In conclusion, we suspect that we'll have to wait for an upcoming patch to resolve the stutter issue in the Xbox One version of Fallout 4 - but from a technological standpoint, we don't see any reason why it can't be done: PS4 and Xbox One have very similar storage solutions and the Sony platform is unaffected.

Our only concern here is that Xbox One loading times from the stock internal drive are consistently longer than they are on PS4's, suggesting that in the case of Fallout 4, there is an inherent PS4 advantage here that may extend to the background streaming tech.

Completely eliminating the issue - at least on the test areas used in our initial performance analysis - is possible, but it requires mounting an SSD into an external USB enclosure, then copying the game data onto that drive.

This is not completely ideal for a number of reasons: SSDs aren't cheap, and the USB caddy required only adds to the expense.

Both versions have issues maintaining their frame-rate targets, but it's the Xbox One version that has a tangible disadvantage - there's a 'macro-stutter' issue that seems to be related to the game's background streaming technology.Tweet, Like and " " us on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Additional side, there are many random free chatrooms for chatting sites especially for teen chatting where one can get countless online strangers all the time along with private chat rooms. Almost all of the chat random sites randomly pick the people from all of worldwide.Across our test clips, the 7200rpm drive seems to offer a small advantage generally over the SSHD, but there are hitches and stutters that seem to show more improvement on the hybrid drive.Both drives show a substantial uplift over the internal unit in that the 0fps macro-stutter is gone or massively reduced, but it's clear that only the SSD showed a complete fix in effect.

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Here's a quick look at our data, showing that PS4 also has a loading time advantage over Xbox One in a straight stock drive comparison.

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