Consolidating multiple service desks Sex dating for adults paid by pay pal

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Consolidating multiple service desks

Remember that the service desks you’re merging used to support their own individual set of services. How many weeks should supplying a laptop be allowed to take?To manage your customers’ expectations, you’ll need to draw up a new, collective service catalogue. Once you know what services you support, you need to decide on the conditions. Keep in mind that your new agreements also depend on existing contracts with customers.The management team can be advised on the whole strategy rather than small sections of the business needs.The primary benefit of a consolidated service desk is in load sharing.It can help in collaboration of processes and provide clear visibility of all activities.With strong integration and consolidation of processes, cost reduction is possible, and this helps in speeding the deliveries.The solid, secure and scalable platform also has lower cost of acquisition, and requires less maintenance and support.As it provides server hardware consolidation and integration to other systems and data sources, efficient and central administration of database changes, service packs, etc.

While there's no magic trick for merging service desks successfully, there is something you can do to get the new team off to a good start: Build a service catalogue together. For one, a joint project is a good start for a good collaboration.

This helps in overall improvement of customer requests and processes involved.

A consolidated service desk also helps in bringing flexibility in evaluation and implementation of new business requirements.

Centralized administration is also an added benefit.

A consolidated service desk can help in meeting the challenges of complex changes within an organization.

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Will the team names remain the same or do you want to introduce a new one? A shared vocabulary helps you improve communication and collaboration between the two former teams.

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