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One night, five of the dolls come alive as handsome men.

The characters’ neatly packaged archetypes (the seducer, the shy guy) belie complex themes of abandonment and abuse.

He comes courtesy of Voltage, a Japanese gaming company that specializes in romance games for women and that generated roughly million in revenue in 2015.

In order for their relationship to progress, Mook must continually download Star-Crossed Myth and its sequels.

Mook spends time with her boyfriend, Scorpio, every week.On the bright side, this game has unbelievable face customization!You can pick from eyes, noses, brows, lips and hairstyles, and then specify how big you want them and where you want to position them!The company has already adapted 33 games for the North American market, and three years ago, it opened a San Francisco office. Where Nameless allows the gamer to play matchmaker, My Virtual Boyfriend, an American app, takes a more direct approach, providing a wide selection of male sims that peer out and speak to the player in a pseudo-relationship setup.Whatever the plot, the aim is the same: to create an emotional connection.

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Now, I am just as sad as you are, actually, probably sadder, that you can't change any colors in this game.