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Despite this, Ethan and Summer resumed their relationship again sometime before "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy", and had made plans for a romantic camping trip.Ethan, however, cancelled these plans to instead take a girl named Tricia Lange, although the exact circumstances of their breakup were not seen.When Beth refused to answer, Summer tried to use her grandfather's alien technology to adjust the size of her breasts, ultimately enlarging her entirely.Her mother's attempt to repair this makes her inside-out as well.Morty refuses to allow Ethan to go after her, and instead reminds him of how much he hurt Summer.

Morty deduced from his conversation with Beth the exact whereabouts of Summer, which turned out to be Camp Flabanabba.At the end of "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy", Ethan appeared to be intimidated by Morty, when he threatened him with a growth laser.Morty horribly disfigured Ethan's body as revenge for breaking up with Summer and thereby causing the crisis.His left ear was also grown to about the size of his original head.His left leg was enlarged and his right arm was elongated forcing him to drag it behind him.

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The episode's post-credits sequence indicated that a second Anatomy Park is being constructed inside of him.