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POF doesn’t go overboard on trying to match you though.It asks a few fundamental questions and then shows you everybody within your (POF preset!

When you sign up you have to answer a small amount of questions (15 or 20) which provide core fundamental matches, views on (admittedly US! These are enough to provide a rough indication of who you will match with but if you want a better match, then you can answer more of the thousands of questions available. Ok Cupid also has a system that is between Tinder and POF determining who you can talk to - First of all, you both have to match on general data…You can’t be bisexual or anything other than male or female on POF, you have to pick gay or straight, and it will only show people who match what you want.You also can’t match people outside the preset age range:"You can only contact people /- 14 years of your age.There are no arbitrary limits or message censorships.Ok Cupid allows you to do a lot more research on any potential matches to see why they are matched with you.

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POF will show you more people, although it won’t give you any idea or “number” as to why you would or wouldn’t match with them; and it doesn’t even try.

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