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I can give you a good idea of what I would LIKE to do after grad school, but there are no guarantees and it scares the crap out of me. Unless we are fortunate enough to be in grad school because our current employer encouraged/paid for us to receive a graduate degree, we probably don’t know and the uncertainty eats at us since we are already thousands of dollars in debt.

You aren’t us, so please don’t worry about our futures.

Or drop by random seminars in fields you're interested in and sit next to someone cute :)Good luck to you!

I took time off (3 years) during my second master's degree and applying for a Ph. Now we'll probably move across the country together.

We are Professional Students at this point, and who wouldn’t want to be in college forever?! We get one disbursement in Fall, and one in Spring. Grad school comes along and looms over you like the guy who says he just wants to be your friend but won’t stop asking you on a date. If I tell you I can’t go to the gym or get coffee with you, it’s not because I don’t want to. You might be able to make it work, but your significant other will probably rather watch paint dry than hang out with you along the way.

What the outside world tends to not grasp is there is college and there is grad school. It’s because even if I do, your face will slowly morph into my professor telling me I’m a failure because I’m not note-carding right now. It’s always magical when one of your friends tells you about how “awesome!!!!!

For example, a law student isn’t going to simply say “I’m a student.” Oh, hell no.

If you're worried about the time commitment, just be selective up front- only go out with girls you've created good rapport with.

I just find it hard to go out and even meet other people, let alone single women who would potentially like to go out with me. I TA'd a class and one of the students asked me out the class was finished.

I'm in my late 20s now, and it looks like it won't be getting nay easier. And to the others who aren't - How did you meet your current SO? Initially I said no, but I checked the policies and it was fine as long as she wasn't my student at any point in time.

Whether you’re at a bar meeting a potential date, or you’re talking to a stranger on a plane, people love to ask, “so what do you do?

” Grad students are especially good at telling you their specific area and level of study, because dang-it, we are NOT undergraduate students.

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