Dating a single parent

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Dating a single parent

When I first signed up for online dating, I listed that I was open to dating people who had children.

My friends who were helping me write my profile had one response: Are you sure about that?

If you don’t like children, you probably shouldn’t date people who have them.

However, having kids has never been a deal-breaker for me. The reason these relationships ended had less to do with my ex’s parental status and more to do with personalities and other “incompatibilities” (to the single dad who ghosted me on a date because he “couldn’t find me” when he got there and instead chose to leave without texting, I’m looking at you).

As Meyers notes, “getting upset because of cancelled plans or pushing to be introduced to the child will not help a relationship last over many years.”Discuss commitment: Eharmony’s Singles and Desirability Study also found that 70% of respondents are looking for a serious relationship.

This could be especially true for singles with children.

“When a single mom begins dating, they may just be looking for a break, a supportive ear for the challenging period they’re going through, fun outings, and sexual companionship that provide hope for the future,” says psychotherapist Sari Cooper, director of Center for Love and Sex. D., describes it as a “compulsive need to be a caregiver to romantic partners you perceive to be in distress.” If, like me, you style yourself as a happy-go-lucky, freewheeling guy, the challenges a single mom faces down day in, day out can compel you to want to wade into the mire and solve problems.

Single parents nurture, and they are affectionate and loving.

These are all traits most people rate at the top of their “need to have” list” explains, Dr.

Seth Meyers, eharmony’s resident psychologist and relationship expert.

“Single parents crave stability and security for their child(ren), so there’s a chance they will want to settle down a bit faster than a non-parent,” says Meyers. Several of the single dads I dated preferred to keep things casual so they could focus on their parental responsibilities.

Either way, you need to be comfortable with the level of commitment.

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