Dating austrailian woman

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Dating austrailian woman

A few days ago out of curiosity stumbled upon one of those ' Asian masculinity' sub-reddit's which I instantly regretted.

It was essentially a echo chamber of self pity, misery, racism, insecurity and misogyny.

They're either selectively ignoring or are ignorant of the racism and homophobia (and misogyny) that also goes on in minority and migrant groups.

I am defiantly not insinuating that Asian women are 'race traitors' for dating white men and I want to stress that I am not fetishising white women nor do I put them on a pedestal all the while hypocritically refusing to date women of other races.

I am sorry if I have offended anyone but I am just curious and I have always been interested in social science and sociology.

I just want to see if there is any difference between normal everyday Asian blokes and the ones of those toxic sub reddits. Edit: Anyone Asian or non Asians is more than welcome to freely comment their opinions and perspectives if they wish.

I think it's a minority of men that seem to have consistent success with Tinder/OKC.

I suspect a lot of the toxicity comes from this rationalisation and commercialisation of love and dating (a great, if very academic article on this here), rather than the experience of being Asian itself.

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