Dating fender bassman 10

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Dating fender bassman 10

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From what I've seen from just lurking around a lot of those bassman posts there seems to be a lot of modifications possible to these oldies.There is some element missing, wish I could be more precise but it doesn't feel vintage at all somehow. I am looking for a rich full lead tone with some more presence and still not the take-over-metal-sound many people use. If you want to narrow down the year that your exact amp was made you can look for date codes on the pots and on the transformers. Modding that amp EFFICIENTLY would best be done by someone with more knowledge of tone construction and circuits.Google to learn how to interpret the codes or post them here and we will help. I might do this is I decide to modify the amp, opened the back board and figured I have to take it apart some more to find those components which I don't have time for right now. The output load should be 4ohms, as stated on the schematic. You have not stated where you have the tone controls set. Even if you follow a known mod instructions carefully the likelihood of some small mistake exists.In later years, the EIA converted to a 4 digit date code so the year could be easily identified.There are 2 acceptable methods of displaying the EIA date code, with or without a hyphen between the manufacture code and the year/week code.

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