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They want someone to out on a dinner with, they want a golf partner, they want someone they can travel with.

Having attraction, flirting and romance aboard while you’re doing your favorite activities is always fun.

As such, you would be far more interested in a 79 year-old woman who shares your interests, and who is active and healthy enough to keep up, in comparison to a 65 year-old woman with a hip replacement and a passive personality.

This 65 year-old woman would be perfect for a certain gentleman who likes to take things nice and slow in life, and who isn’t crazy about the outdoors.

For many seniors, that’s enough and they don’t want anything more than that. Many people want and need to be sexually active, they want someone to shake up things with a bit and bring some excitement into their lives.

They don’t want marriage, a nice little house and a white fence.

The site heavily protects their participants identity to keep off con-artists, would-be giggolos or scammers who may have ill intentions towards the people they connect with.

Many seniors are looking for no more than companionship.

There are many older adults out there who find themselves single and looking for a partner.

More seniors and baby boomers than ever before are looking for someone to spend time with, no matter if they’re looking for companionship, a life partner, or a love affair.

There is a reason so many senior singles choose our site to get in touch with new friends, find companions, and very often meet partners for life!

When you get to a certain age, dating often becomes tiresome and sometimes you might even think about giving up.

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What’s far more important is the shape you’re in, how active you can be, and how healthy you are.

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