Dating hanabi

Posted by / 20-May-2020 23:12

This screams unhealthy and doesn’t cut any slack for Mugi and Hanabi, which shows another side of unrequited love.

Usually the exhibits have a grand finale with hundreds of fires launched simultaneously.

Ebato’s (Ecchan) infatuation with Hanabi has unrequited written all over due to Hanabi’s inability on mutually reciprocating any romantic feelings.

Only 6 episodes has been aired, so we do not know why Ebato likes Hanabi; perhaps her hatred of men she mentioned earlier will come into play soon.

Hanabi and Mugi aren’t the only ones being affected here either.

Noriko (Moca) and Ebato (Ecchan) also have people they are enamored with.

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is full of sexual acts by characters so that they can fill their void.