Dating kindred spirits

Posted by / 13-Jan-2020 21:52

Dating kindred spirits

xoxoxo, ~ a I love Kindred Spirits and the respectful way that Amy and Adam go about getting the information from the living and from the spirits.

The dust has now settled and we are so fortunate to be working with the same people at the networks we always have, but they’ve moved to Travel Channel – and so have we!

I’m really happy that you are still going to be continually filming and airing your show. I love how you and Adam treat every case as if it were your family.

I enjoy the show and think that you and Adam have been doing a great job. You are both very respectful of the living and the dead. I have them all DVR’d but I’m assuming that does nothing to let them know.

We’ve definitely been picking up new viewers as I hear week in and week out how people had never seen our show until it started airing on Travel. We are fairly positive that Adam and I will return in some way shape or form to your televisions.

We have an amazing group of folks pulling for us at Travel Channel and a really sweet fan base constantly rooting for us.

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You guys are awesome and my husband and I will definetly do our part to keep you on the air!! Amy & Adam, Thanks for giving us a reasonable explanation as to what is going on behind the scenes regarding your show.