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Students who are awarded a travel scholarship will be reimbursed up to 0 in travel expenses after submitting valid receipts.

Workshops and courses currently scheduled for individuals are listed below. Schools and districts considering or currently implementing one of Wilson’s program may be interested in professional learning for a group of their educators.Male and female students will be housed in separate housing facilities and/or floors. Limited tuition reimbursement scholarships are available and awarded on a rolling basis.In partnership with the Staley Foundation, we also offer limited travel reimbursement scholarships.Unfortunately, our 3-day High School Seminars are only available to students ages 14 to 17.This means that if a student will be 18 years of age at the time of the seminar, then they are not eligible to attend our high school seminars. Check out these great options for students, ages 18 : FEE's Summer Seminar at Clemson University is an immersive 3-Day experience where students learn about economics, international trade, free enterprise, all while The programs are designed to focus on fundamentals.

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