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But if you want to eat gourmet style, we have those restaurants as well, and prices are like in the States.

In the middle, there are a lot of places that do international cooking for moderate prices. There are restaurants where you can get burgers or pizza for a reasonable price. There are two or three different animal rescue clinics and a community theater.

There are Facebook pages for Boquete, and the website Boquete Ning posts info about club events, library schedules and other local resources.

I volunteer with an animal group, a spay-and-neuter clinic that brings in vets from Costa Rica. I’m also working with the Boquete Community Playhouse doing production and stage managing. There are lots of retired professionals here who used to work in TV and Hollywood, and several with vast amounts of experience.

In Boquete we have a Tuesday market, and most of the expat community shows up.

It’s easy to meet people, and we often get together for an activity or event—there are presentations of local interest; local bars have bands playing and DJs.

Besides the climate, there’s a well established expat community here.

Boquete has amenities, and what you can’t get here you can get in David, the second largest city in Panama, about 40 minutes away. I’m living in an apartment under the terrace of a big house, which is standard.

Our culture in the US is based on book learning, on written history.

It’s usually not a real concern, but if a power line gets knocked down by a tree or there’s a severe storm it takes a day or three or more to get the power repaired. Food is inexpensive and good—depending on your preferences.

If you go into a standard Panamanian restaurant you can get a big lunch or dinner plate with chicken or pork and rice and beans and salad for .50.

There are around 20 microclimates here, and your local climate depends on where on the mountain you are. Any time of day or night I can go outside in a T-shirt and be comfortable. They have a type of rain called the bajareque, which is a little denser than a mist, but it’s inconsequential and no one pays attention to it.

A lot of people move to the coast, but that’s like Florida, way too hot and humid for me.

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When I first moved here my neighbors were hikers and birders, and they invited me to go places with them.