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No bar girls or hookers, but a real girlfriend experience.What I Have Learned by Dating Asian Women Online I explain my online dating strategy in simple steps so you can successfully meet the right girls without getting ripped off.I find that when a girl knows you’re seriously coming, she’s a lot more eager to meet you. S I’m not a fan of spending a lot of money on bar fines.– Frederik, Denmark I revealed 4 easy steps for finding and dating Asian girls even if you’re on the another side of the planet.

Being open at the start will help align this relationship with the right person.

You should be prepared for some voyages if you're interested in dating someone from the Asian continent.

Your love interest may have family back home in Asia.

Showing respect to the family is really important if you want this relationship to grow.

When it comes to Asian cultures, things like generosity, honor, and respect have been prioritized historically and culturally.

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So slow things down and enjoy getting to know one another before pushing things forward.

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