Dating videofunny

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Dating videofunny

This time around on Carpool Karae, he picks up Lin-Manuel Miranda, Audra Mc Donald, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Jane Krakowski and navigates the streets of New York traffic whilst singing songs from Hamilton, Les Misérables and other Broadway show tunes.

Either way, halfway through the […] There really isn’t anything like the d between siblings. It really makes us reflect on the things we take for granted…like having lips. Check […] You may have seen Apple’s latest commercial featuring Coie Monster…The lovable puppet was hired to tout the hands-free feature on the i Phone 6s.

It’s quite possible that this […] Shhhh…if you listen closely, you can hear the the soft sound of New England fans quietly celebrating the Patriots’ win last night over Houston.

Just kidding, we can’t celebrate, scream obscenities and create memes loudly enough.

To be honest, we’d […] We have to admit, any time Larry David shows up for the SNL cold open playing Bernie Sanders we’re all in!

I mean, we’re still not convinced that Bernie Sanders isn’t actually Larry David…or Larry David isn’t Bernie Sanders.

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No, it’s not Blake Shelton, and yes there are beauty tips included.

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