Dating women in china with hpv

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Dating women in china with hpv

Besides, a study on university students in mainland China in 2013 found that only 5.4% of students had heard of HPV vaccine (7.0% in males and 3.9% in females); and only 70.6% of students (71.8% in males and 69.4% in females) were willing to take HPV vaccines [12].

The systematic review also found a large intra-country variation in Australia (ranging from 33% in the study by Giles and Garland [13] to 83% by Weisberg and colleagues [11]).

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Of these, 4-valent Gardasil and 9-valent Gardasil are approved for use in both males and females.The prevalence of HPV vaccine uptake was only 2.6% for bisexual/ homosexual males and 5.0% for heterosexual males.Only 45.8% of the overall subjects knew HPV vaccination is not for females only, with a significantly higher prevalence in females (49.7%) than in males (38.6%).The low prevalence of male HPV vaccine uptake and awareness called for the need to have more male-specific HPV campaigns to promote HPV vaccination awareness and uptake in males to reduce the overall prevalence of HPV infection.Genital human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the world [1].

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Therefore, Giles and Garland’s study, which was conducted in 2006, might find a relative low awareness of HPV vaccine [13] while Weisberg and colleagues’ study, which was conducted in 2008, might find a higher awareness of HPV vaccine [11].

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