Dating your ex spouse ex spouse

Posted by / 13-May-2020 19:57

Dating your ex spouse ex spouse

Why do people seem to hang on long after realistic hope is gone?

Can they do something to break out of their self-made prison, and escape to a normal life?

In fact, it's been my experience that people in those programs tend to divorce.

What your ex is up against is that he has two entirely different approaches to life.

But occasionally, the divorce goes through before I have had a chance to intervene, or before my program has a chance to work. Yes, I've seen it work many times, and I am currently helping several couples achieve that objective.

One of your biggest problems to overcome is his addiction to alcohol and other women.

You were on the right track seeking help from Alcoholics Anonymous and Al Anon, but those excellent programs do not save marriages.

In many of these cases, the "second thoughts" bring the divorced couple back to me with a desire to reconcile. But sometimes a divorced spouse simply needs to "let go." In these situations there is no real hope for reconciliation, but the fantasy of a family made whole is so compelling, that all other options are shunned.

The false hope prevents an ex-spouse from getting on with life and crucial opportunities are missed.

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I know that I love him and he loves me but I am afraid that we are trying to hold on to something that just can not be repaired.