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If your girlfriend or wife is making your life hell or is threatening to leave… They buy her more gifts, take her on more dates, do whatever it takes to please her, etc.

What these poor men don’t realize is that all their extra effort actually makes them look WEAKER to their woman. Read this carefully: She needs a strong man – a dominant leader who can make her feel safe and secure.

then this section on “how to use Fractionation on your ex-girlfriend (or wife)” is for you. The answer is “yes.” But you’ll need to take a slightly different approach to do so.

Instead of emphasizing the emotional “high” of Fractionation, you’ll emphasize the LOW. You MUST be willing to inflict emotional pain and distress on her. Most men make the mistake of working EXTRA HARD to make their woman love them more.

You do this by moving away from her, motioning away from you, or breaking eye contact.

A word of caution if you’re single and want to make more women fall in love with you…

Storytelling and questioning are fast ways to build Rapport with a woman but don’t stick with them too long.

It’s possible to build too much Rapport with a woman, who ends up liking you too much as a friend. To avoid the Friend Zone, rollercoaster her between platonic and romantic feelings.

Here’s an example: YOU: (Platonic) You can also use Fractionation with your actions in addition to your words.

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To be specific, you can get her addicted to following you and experiencing new things with you.