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I say all of this as the child of an interfaith marriage.” Dissolving into gray “It’s likely that I will be with someone Jewish, but it’s not a deal-breaker.Some people could understand me—could understand my struggles, my joys, my questions—without being Jewish, but there’s a better chance if they are Jewish.I also have an additional value around ‘queering’ race, if you will.Part of me feels like interracial marriage/relationships/procreation is the solution to a lot of problems by kind of dissolving everything into gray areas, and the more people in interracial couples, the faster that will happen on a societal level.” Openness “I’ve never put a limit on falling in love, at least not a clean one.For me, I’d rather date someone open to my beliefs and respectful of my traditions than someone who isn’t.

My healthiest long-term relationships have been with recovering Catholics and practicing Unitarians. No.” It’s exciting “It’s more important to me that our politics and attitudes toward relationships are aligned.Man, woman, tall, short, Jewish, Muslim, those are labels that aren’t helpful to me.What are helpful are the gray labels, the ones that fall in between black-and-white categories, the ones I understand and you might not: smart, funny, kind, generous, respectful.At the end of the day, if it wasn’t a problem for Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David and Solomon, who am I to make an issue of it?” Signed a contract “Growing up, I thought having to date only Jews was in some ways repressive and oppressive.


My rabbinical school made me sign a contract stating, ‘I will not date or marry a non-Jew.’ Now, since spirituality and a Shabbat practice are so much a part of my life, I would want to date someone who knows what that means and can participate fully in it.