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Datingwithchinesegirls info

Additionally, let’s not forget what Virginia mentioned near the end of the post: “And the fall out of all this, of course, lands on the head of the single expat women, who need to keep adjusting their ideas of ‘attractive’ as their dating pool starts to feel more like a puddle.” Or in other words, it’s the China Daily article published a few years back titled Foreign women label [China] a dating wasteland.

This is also thorny territory…because then the question comes, why aren’t they interested in dating Chinese men?

And sadly, these types of WM/AF pairings are the most visible ones, because they often create spectacles of themselves…. There are local women who go to these places to hook up with the white men who come to Asia.

I couldn’t understand these corpulent old buggers with their gorgeous Chinese wives, until my mother pointed out their diamonds.

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Well, she said the magic word — “controversy” — so of course, I immediately clicked on the link and dove into the first paragraph.

But when I finished the essay, a feeling of dread settled over me…which had nothing to do with Virginia’s essay per se.

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And like the yellow fever phenomenon, their existence does have ramifications for couples of white men and Chinese women around the world. There are white men who only date Asian women because of the society they live in — where the women are mostly Asian — or yes, they do find Asian women more culturally/sexually appealing.

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