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As well as talking about her work with Wrigley, Blackburn-born Diana spoke to HELLO!Online about getting image confidence, designing her own wardrobe and her latest acting roles.I always thought 'I don’t know if musicals are really up my street' but actually I have been getting a few musical sent through for audition and they've been really interesting ones.Some that have been on in America or dark comedies that have music in them. Well I live with my boyfriend (One Night Only singer and Burberry model George Craig) so he's here and my mum I miss terribly because she's up north.Especially younger people aged 16-20 when they're going through a bit of an insecure phase and they don't like anything about themselves, it's good to encourage them to smile.

It happens and it's this kind of chemistry, like relationship – it's got to be perfect. Sometimes it's frustrating but now I'm learning to enjoy it because when I was in and even though it was amazing in the beginning I think we were all pretty knackered by the end so it's just remember to actually seize these down moments as well.

I don't know if I could do a really glitzy, jazz hands-style musical but if it was an interesting script that had some fantastic music then maybe. We did film in Manchester but I’ve lived in London for about seven years now in east London. But it's nice because she comes down here and we just wear the hell out of her and then she's ready to go back up north.

If I had it my way all of my family would be down here but it's nice to go back and see them. I love my fashion and I do always think of outfits and really I should just draw them.

I just finished, I was doing that in the West End for about six months and I told myself I was going to have a couple of months doing nothing really and just relaxing so that's what I've been doing but I've been in a lot of meetings and done a lot of auditions so I am concentrating on that.

I'm also back in the studio working on the third album.

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DIANA Vickers is one of the many former X Factor contestants who has now found major success on the West End stage.

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