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Did andrew bynum dating rihanna

Free agent NBA baller Andrew Bynum has a…unique history with hair. As you might imagine, Twitter had a REAL good time with this, and you can too.

Whatever my scn was...: The girl looks alright, nothing spectatular is jumping off with that outfit. SMH, stay out of her private life and stop starting rumors! all Rihanna rumors are not credible anymore, I don't believe them because they always turn out to be BS lies and it seems as if someone is trying to ruin Rih. How can a person be all dressed up, taking pictures for the cameras and not comb the back of their head..have mercy,...someone please get Rih Rih a bottle of relaxer quick for those naps in the back of her head.... Linsay Lohan used to go out drinking, partying & taking drugs. For the most part it just looks like she's been wearing great clothes and having fun Rashard Lewis is married and has a little daughter. why doesnt she comb the front of her hair down like she did when she first got it cut? I have yet to see her actually hug or kiss or even appear remotely interested in any of these guys that the ybf is claiming she's so into..sounds like a bunch of bogus rumors to me.While Rihanna was out and about in NY last night, she likely made sure to catch the NBA finals game. Like she said in her song, "she's living her life and she ain't got no time for no haters". Even if Rihanna did call the paps to take pictures of her that doesnt mean they have to show up….only show up for celebs, people who are hot and will sell mags.Word has it she is crushing hard on Orlando Magic baller Rashard Lewis. I understand Rihanna is all over the place but how is that bad, at least she is not stuck in the house depressed and if she was not seen then people would spread rumors that she is having a nervous breakdown. EVEN I HAVE TO SAY I DRESS PRETTY GOOD MYSELF AND LOTS OF MY FRIENDS TOO.

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By now we've already established that Rihanna isn't dating Los Angeles Laker center Andrew Bynum.