Dinozzo ziva dating

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Dinozzo ziva dating

Haven't actually been a couple yet, but have known each other for five years now. Although in season four episode one ' Shalom', we see photos of Tony leaving her house and in another episode Ziva refers to something Ducky says with something about a bear and Tony making In Season 7, Tony and Mc Gee unknowingly rescue Ziva, thinking she was dead.

Cote de Pablo was rumoured to be returning ever since her character was revealed to be alive at the start of the year.

Even if she does not appear in She, Ziva could be back at some point in the future to get the happy ending with Tony that many NCIS fans want. If NCIS gets a season 17, it would most likely feature the show’s 400th episode, a perfect time to bring back some classic characters.

Tony actor Weatherly has previously revealed he would be open to an NCIS reunion at some point, telling Digital Spy: “I absolutely see worlds where Di Nozzo and other characters could pop up...

Cote de Pablo was not confirmed to be returning to NCIS, but there was some evidence that she would be back.

NCIS season 16, episode 13, titled She, ended with Ziva appearing to leave a note for Bishop (Emily Wickersham) asking her to keep the fact that she is alive a secret.

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At the same time, there was suspicion of a rogue agent within the organization.