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Oscar leak investigations FBI investigates Oscar screener leak The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confirmed it was looking into Screener leaks of several movies including Something's Gotta Give, Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World, Thirteen and The Last Samurai.

Studio sources said they had been traced to Academy member Carmine Caridi.

It will most likely be rather cool with some chilly nights in any quieter interludes. However, it will probably start changeable and sometimes windy, particularly in the north.

Some drier, brighter and quieter spells may develop across the UK as we go towards the middle part of the month.

MPAA's decision to ban Oscar screeners stands Despite meeting with various Indie movie authors, Jack Valenti, former MPAA chief executive, said he would continue conversations but the ban would still stand.

Writers Guild opposes screener ban The Writers Guild of America publicly opposed the ban.

Plans were also introduced for the production of encrypted DVD Screeners (using the AES 128-bit encryption standard) that would special equipment (more than just a mere DVD Player) to be played back.

Around the time of the Academy Awards ceremony used to be the most active time for DVD Screener piracy but efforts by the MPAA and FBI have seriously reduced it. DVD Screener Ban MPAA bans Oscar screeners The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) banned Oscar Screeners in fear of increasing piracy.

Warner and Columbia sued actor over leaked screeners Warner and Columbia sued Carmine Caridi over the screener leak.

Overall we should expect spells of rain or showers, which could be heavy at times, interspersed with brief periods of quieter and more settled weather.

A more prolonged spell of settled weather may develop towards the end of September, but there remains a lot of uncertainty in the forecast.

Its lawyers said that the MPAA has no control Indie group wins screener ban battle Federal Judge Michael Mukasey ruled that the MPAA can not stop their members from sending out screener copies of movies.

MPAA immediately stated that it will appeal the injunction.

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LA Critics call off their awards in protest The Los Angeles Film Critics Association called off its annual awards in protest to the Screener ban.

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