Divorce and dating impact on children

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Divorce and dating impact on children

The well-worn statistic about divorce rates in the U. is that only 50% of marriages survive (this stat is taken from a study between 20, with the chance of the average marriage making it to 20 years being 52%). Recent research has uncovered two interesting patterns – first – that divorce rates are at their lowest point in nearly 40 years, and second, that while marriage (often derided as being an outdated societal construct) is on the rise.

Be sure that your children understand their relationship with both parents is forever and that they will never be abandoned.

– While these steps are important, minimizing the detrimental impact of divorce is entirely different to helping children understand the reasoning behind the break-up.

The process of which begins with breaking the news in a well-thought out manner – valuing honesty and transparency, over attempting to protect their feelings.

Generally, for young children (3-5), short, clear explanations are best.

For older kids, you can explain a bit more but do not over explain.

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This open and honest form of communication should be maintained throughout the divorce proceedings – removing any guesswork on the child’s behalf. Yet while some statistics are a matter of debate, children have and will always be impacted detrimentally by divorce.

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