Dont women find tall men intimidating

Posted by / 29-Aug-2020 22:01

He ended up nearly sinking the boat but managed to pull the anchor up. Along with the tree...which was bigger than the boat. I mean when I run into somebody tall and they have a constant scowl it's hard not to get a little unnerved.

:)Other times I've been told I'm intimidating have been when I'm just zoning, thinking about something and apparently get "resting asshole face", if that's a thing. I'm only 5'20 but everyone says my height is intimidating.I recently avoided a fight with a guy that was creeping out a bunch of girls just by standing up straight, puffing out and looking like I want to kill someone.However, my friends know I'm very friendly and don't like hurting people.I broke up a would-be catfight with two short women by standing inbetween them.I'm not sure if they found it intimidating but it was funny. [Oh, for Pete's sake]Can you talk to my kid [who is throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of a store]?

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Now I'm wondering how many interactions I have on a daily basis are influenced by my height. My wife had met her numerous times, but my first meeting with her was unplanned.