Drupal 7 hook menu validating argument from url

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Before getting into any of the technical aspects, I would suggest you to try and understand the ‘How & why? This will help you concrete you knowledge about any form of technology.So let’s begin with a functionality instance of Drupal called “validation”.The plugin takes a term ID from the URL and passes it to Views.

The result is that you end up seeing taxonomy term IDs in the URL (e.g. In this tutorial, I'll walk you through how to create a field that is used to make generate URLs for Views pages that take taxonomy terms as contextual arguments.

The above validate_handler would be useful when it comes to an existing node type, where the developer has full access to insert validation for a form using custom module.

Validate only Drupal form field element using custom function: We don't need to add an entire form validation every time.

Even though you might be aware of a few functionalities mentioned, this article will guide you on the basics of ‘what should be used’, ‘when to be used’ and ‘why to use’.

I have started blogging again after a brief break to share my knowledge of Drupal.

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Drupal has already defined a handler that validates if the data is a number, called element_validate_number.