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Investigative Journalism, Environmental Problems and Modernisation in China argues that investigative journalism has constructed a discourse of environmental hazard that is in distinction with the discourse of modernisation impressed by Chinese language language governments for over half a century.

By establishing the discourse of environmental hazard, investigative journalism exposes the true nature of modernisation on the one hand, and nevertheless, it reveals the connection between social and environmental injustice and inequality.

: "My computer is nagging me to update something called Java. Java programs can appear both as standalone "applications," like the Azureus file sharing program, and as in-the-web-page "applets." The latter is increasingly rare, because Flash is much more popular for this job. Whether you decide to keep Java or remove it, your web browser will still support Java Script. Well, to run programs written in Java, you need a Java "runtime environment." So if your computer is nagging you to "update Java," then your computer has a Java runtime environment already— and it is out of date. When you refuse to update Java (or Windows, or Mac OS...) you are often taking a very big risk by refusing to fix security problems. And if you do turn out to have Java programs or applets that you depend on, you can always reinstall Java later by visiting com. You may not reproduce large portions of the text of the article without our express permission. Keep up with the latest articles in this FAQ by adding our syndicated feed to your friends list!

The advantage of Java is that a program written in Java will work on many different kinds of computers, such as PCs and Macs. They share a name only because of a marketing decision made by Netscape and Sun years and years ago. This is safe— the Java runtime environment is a product of Sun Microsystems, a very respectable company. Updates are usually intended to fix security problems, which makes your computer safer. However, most people do not have Java applications on their computers these days, and most websites use Flash instead of Java for the interactive features that used to be commonly written in Java. Removing Java on Mac OS X is not recommended as Apple has made Java a standard part of the operating system and may rely on it to a greater degree than a typical Windows system. Legal Note: yes, you may use sample HTML, Javascript, PHP and other code presented above in your own projects.

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The book begins with an abstract of the connection between the emergence of environmental points and China's modernisation and focuses on the agendas and practices of environmental investigative journalism, the discourse of environmental hazard and the challenges and prospects offered by the Net.

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