E mail etiquette dating

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Responding does not mean you need to reply with the Great American Novel.

These rules are for those who are being truly considerate and thoughtful : , other e-mail addresses, headers, and commentary from all the other forwarders.

Why take the chance of missing out on getting to know another quality single?

One simple rule to live by is that you should never wait longer than 24 hours to respond.

Whether you've just started using an online dating service or you're an experienced pro, there is always some excitement that comes when you receive an email from someone's who's noticed your profile and is hoping to open a dialog with you.

The problem many of us have is that life is sometimes a bit overwhelming and we just don't have the time to respond right away.

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Remove any e-mail addresses in the body of the e-mail that have been forwarded by those who disregard the privacy of their friends and associates.

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