East indian dating culture dating simplicity sewing patterns

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East indian dating culture

This is one of the reasons why Indian men generally get married when they are 27 or above.

Parents expect their sons to find a good, well-paying job that can help them develop in life and stand on their own feet.

Speaking about myself, I took South Indian classical dance (Bharatnatyam) for 11 years, while harboring an intense passion for Indian folk forms (Garba and Bhangra), one of which I pursued in college.

In addition to that, I pray daily with traditional Indian prayers. None of this makes me above any other Indian girl that may not engage in these activities, but my point is that me along with many girls like myself, are deeply rooted and passionate about our culture. Feminism is a GOOD Thing Feminism isn’t a bad thing. And that’s not pertaining to just Indian girls, but all women.

Unlike western countries where English is spoken by most, if not all, people, the 22 official languages spoken in India can alone be a major barrier that impedes two people from getting along with each other.

And that is just one of the many differences Indians have.

Parents, at any cost, are steadfast in providing their children with education in the hope that it gets them better careers.

Thus, once a child reaches three years of age, he or she gets admitted into a school to kick-start their educational lives, which, in most cases, last till the individual turns 21 or 22.

It takes Indians too long, if at all they do get independent at some stage, to support themselves and lead what you call a truly independent life.

In fact, I’d say many Indian families are learning to balance the scales.

I’ve seen stay at home dads covering for career oriented moms, joint families living together for years and making this dynamic work.

One particular video of hers stood out to me, which was titled “Why I Don’t Go to the Doctor’s.” She talked about how a friend of hers admitted that she was sexually active to a doctor, who in turn asked if she was married.

When she said that she wasn’t, the doctor (who was male, mind you) proceeded to ask “then how are you sexually active?

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While you are a school or college student, there are a myriad of reasons why dating is simply not possible: teachers take advantage of your parents’ support; your peers are not mature enough to understand if at all you are attracted to a girl or boy; and finally, it is certainly not possible to hang out with and get to know your partner because of the responsibilities that come with being a school or college student.

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