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Right before that I'd done a film about Joan of Arc and it was the same kind of thing. Everyone just wants to talk to Eddie - when he shows up on set you kind of feel a general movement [towards him]! It's a bit annoying really." Isabelle is in an unhappy, violent marriage, but what is it about Stephen that draws her to him? I think for the first time she's got someone treating her as an equal.

It's this character that's been played so many times and everyone's got their idea of who she is and if you're too scared and if you're wondering about what it should be you never make it what it should be. And I also think there's just a very sexual chemistry that's kind of hard to explain.

And also I feel like it's talking about characters that are very modern.

It's not looking at them from afar, it's with them and you don't feel like you're in a period drama, so that's what we try to do filming it too." Did you feel under any pressure since it's such a well-loved book and people might have their own ideas about the characters and so on? I think you can't make anything good with too much pressure. he's so genuinely interested in everyone, making everyone feel really special.

Clémence turned 30 last autumn, and she's in no rush to settle down.

'I'm very happy where I am right now,' she says, in her nonchalant French way.

' But between shoot days, she flits hither and thither like an oligarch's wife - 'I'm never anywhere for more than three weeks. Her first English-speaking role was as Mary, Queen of Scots for a BBC production in 2004 - so she can easily summon the appropriate Caledonian hauteur for Chanel's Paris Edinburgh collection for our shoot, which involves drifting around in tweeds, tartan cuffs and Elizabethan ruffs.

But her big break really came when she played silver-haired wizard exchange student Fleur Delacour in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in 2005, followed by a Belgian drug-dealer alongside Colin Farrell in In Bruges.

A bibliophile, she tweets her 9,000 followers from the shoot insisting they order a novel she's just read on the Iraq war.Actually you just have to at some point know that someone is trusting you with it and try to make it your own. I really loved how that passion sets her free and makes her someone who's not just someone's wife or someone's lover. I think love can take various forms but that one is for me mostly a very strong sexual connection between two people and the sense of freedom that it brings in her life. He's changed by her and by that experience in a different way.She's her own person." How did you get on with Eddie? "It's probably the first time she's having any sexual connection with anyone. I think women have that at some point in their life, they have that thing that makes them feel like a woman, and that's probably what Isabelle goes through with Stephen. " Do you believe that there's one great passion that liberates you? I think some people experiment and she definitely experiments with Stephen and then goes on to be, after she leaves him, probably a very different woman than she was before she met him." Do you think she changes him as well? Stephen's character's a beautiful, beautiful character because he's changed deeply by love and by life but he's also changed deeply by death and by what he experiences in the trenches.Then there's a perilously pretentious moment when she begins talking about the difference between British actors and French ones.The former, she says, look upon their job as a craft as opposed to an art: 'Serious and simple at the same time, with a humility.' She gets away with all this because she's indisputably cool, the way that French girls just are, with their Gauloises and attitude.

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I think it's safe to say this movie is on par with the novel.