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In recent years SWHA has combined tryouts and team formation with the Fort Garry North Hockey Association (FGNHA) and/or St.

Vital Hockey Association (SVMHA) to provide access to all levels of play (A1, A2 & A3).

Equipment consisted of the gun, carriage, turntable, power plant and electrical operating unit, and...

Continue reading The chassis of this self-propelled antitank gun is a modified version of the chassis for the Czech Model 38 tank.

SWHA preseason ice (1 skate) is open to all *registered players, including players involved in the AA/AAA/High School tryouts.

*Note: Participants must be registered online with SWHA prior to attending preseason skates or tryouts.

Continue reading This miniature tank, weighing less than 700 pounds, is controlled by a 2000-foot electric cable from a hand control box carried in the rear.Players from SWHA who wish to try out for the Twins AA Hockey program can find information on the Twins website.The number of players registered within the SWHA boundaries determines how many A-Hockey teams SWHA can host according to Hockey Winnipeg guidelines.Continue reading These two rocket projectors, or ramps, differ from each other only in construction details and in the material used.The Schweres Wurfgerät 40 is made of wood and weighs 115 pounds; the 41 model is of metal, weighing 243...

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Try-outs are held each year to place players onto appropriate teams.