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Elijah wood dating history

In the next year, he was cast the lead role in "The Wizard Of Oz," another musical production at his school, which was part of the festival "Hooray for Hollywood." Also, he was a choir boy in the Marion Creative Council's production called "See How They Run." Different resources reported that, when she once saw a commercial, Elijah's mother thought that Elijah could "do" some TV-related jobs, as well.

Thus, at the age of seven, she enrolled him in a local modelling school, at Avant Studios (also known as Avant Models & Talent), Cedar Rapids.

Wood's next film, the same year's The Adventures of Huck Finn, provided a departure from this type of character, but The War (1994) with Kevin Costner marked something of a return.

Also in 1994, Wood had the title role in North, a film remarkable for the volume of bad reviews and bad box office it received, but also for the fact that practically every bad review contained a positive assessment of Wood's performance.

"What Elijah always did was, he jumped off the screen, because he enjoyed himself and he enjoyed the business," recalls Mr. When he walks in, the whole room lights up."In 1993, Wood co-starred with Macaulay Culkin in The Good Son, which was a failure both at the box office and with filmgoers who couldn't stomach the idea of the little blond boy from Home Alone as a pre-teen psychopath.

In casting Wood as the good to Culkin's evil, the film helped further establish the kind of characters Wood was to become known for: thoughtful, well meaning, and perhaps a bit confused.

Though Return of the King is the last in the Tolkien trilogy, 2004 nonetheless looks to be a significant year for Wood, as he is slated to star in soccer flick Hooligans, as well work alongside Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet in director Michel Gondry's fantasy feature Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Including Shemar Moore’s current girlfriend, past relationships, pictures together, and dating rumors, this comprehensive dating history tells you everything you need to know about Shemar. The DJ, producer and actor of American nationality, Elijah Wood is reportedly single after having split from his musical girlfriend Pamela Racine.It was just a quality." Further, Gary Scalzo told, "It was only a few days before his eighth birthday when I saw him perform his monologue.It was evident that Elijah was talented and enjoyed what he was doing, which is important.After the competition I talked to his mother and asked if Elijah would like to come to my office with her the next day and talk about the possibilities of an acting career.Elijah and I read some scenes together and he was wonderful. He's also very directable." Elijah himself recalls, "When my mom brought me to Hollywood for the convention, I didn't think of acting because I was just a model.

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