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Examining dating and frienships

The study not only found that people have fewer confidants but that Americans increasingly confide in their family members rather than in friends.Moreover, 25 percent of Americans say they have no one at all to confide in, more than double the amount of people who said the same in 1985.The percentage of Americans who say they have at least one close friend of another race has risen from 9 percent to 15 percent, according to the General Social Survey, which the researchers behind “Social Isolation in America” used for their study.Nearly 1,500 people were questioned about the individuals with whom they’d recently discussed serious concerns.To boot whenever prominent people make a racial misstep, they are so quick to declare that some of their “best friends are black” that the expression has become a cliché.The idea that hipsters desperately want black friends has also become pervasive in recent years.

Racially segregated schools, neighborhoods and workplaces contribute to this trend.Researchers then asked participants to describe the race, gender, educational background and other characteristics of their confidants.Twenty years from now the amount of Americans involved in interracial friendships will surely increase.Accordingly in 2006, demographer Brent Berry set out to discover how common interracial friendships are by examining more than 1,000 photographs of wedding parties.Berry reasoned that people typically include their closest friends in wedding parties, leaving little doubt that the members of such parties would be true friends of the bride and groom.

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